Tempo Master to obey speed limits


There are many reasons why one may not want to use his first, second or third smartphone for Mapillary =

  • navigation
  • make phone calls
  • dashcam

If the reason is to obey the speed limits, there is a solution =

The little app sits transparantly on top of the Mapillary app. It can be moved. The digits are better readable than in other navigation programs.

As I have not a very good smartphone, and as the OSM speed limits are not correct in my region, I am not in a position to rate it.
Someone could have a look if the OSM updates work correctly.

There are other likewise apps. I just give a hint.

Background =
I have been driving a van intensively for one month.
I have used several navigation apps, and there is none I am satisfied with.


I’m usually using gMaps and Velociraptor or Mapfactor Navigator. I like navigation with OSM data more, however gMaps pop-up mode is so much more convenient than split-screening with MFN, as the Mapillary app doesn’t like the split-screen feature - the elements look a bit out of place.

Oh and with velociraptor, you can also pay for Tomtom speed limit data, which may be better if the coverage isn’t good in osm at your place. May be an alternative for you @filipc


There is also both Splitscreen starting Android 7 and Picture in Picture Starting Android 8, I asked back in 2016 if they could properly support it
So far nothing, it is the main reason I cannot contribute while driving my car any more, I need a navigation feature on my phone


Thank you. This isn’t something I’d use but I can see how it could be very useful for people.



I am the author of Tempomaster. I have just read this post and would like to point out a short video about the app. I created it myself. It shows some essential features of the app:


Best regards,
Gunnar Daehling


Link to a newer Youtube Video: