Stationary camera device for the car

Hello, I would like to contribute (more) images to Mapillary. I have taken some, years ago with a smartphone, but that was just occasionally and not methodically.

What I’d like to do now is: to put a dashcam-like camera behind the windshield of my car. It should be more or less stationary, so the view of point is always the same and I don’t have to adjust the camera all the time, e.g. for uploading reasons). It should start and stop taking images with a button on the device. The upload of the pictures should easily be done via Wifi.

So: is there something I should have a look at? :slight_smile:

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“The upload of the pictures should easily be done via Wifi.”

Do you mean that the camera would be able to upload directly to Mapillary? I don’t believe that there is one that can do that–it would need to have code in the camera that knew how to log in to the Mapillary site.

There are people who are doing what you describe (using a dashcam to take pictures for later upload), but they have to copy the pictures from the camera to a computer, then use the Mapillary upload scripts to perform the upload from the computer.

Have a look at the competitor.

Hi, filipc.

What is the competitor?



Open Street Cam.

Interesting discussions have happened in the past which even have not made their way to the help pages.

I see what you mean. I used to use OSC, but switched to Mapillary, as the project seemed more useful. At the time, OSC was also very unstable on my Nexus 5X.



You mention a “dashcam-like camera”. Would a smartphone in a sturdy car mount do the job? All the other requirements you name, are filled by the Mapillary app. Mapillary used to send free mounts if you asked, I don’t know if they still do that.

They still do. I’ll see if I can find the link.

Found it. Editing post with link

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