Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

Hello I wanted to ask if anyone else is having any problems connecting the Samsung gear 360 2017 to the Mapillary app. I connected to its network and tried to connect but it just doesn’t connect to the app? Is this camera not compatible with Mapillary? Thanks!

I don’t have this particular camera, but have you tried using the Samsung Gear 360 mobile app and seeing if that produces geotagged images or video? You can then upload them with the Mapillary desktop uploader. Good luck!

Have ( had ) a Gear 360 2016 - the golf ball model ; workflow for single still photos as follows :
1/ remove the Sd-card & transfer pics to desktop/notebook
2/ process the pics with Samsung’s stitch utility -
you’ve now got a choice of either two circular images together in a 2:1 ratio frame, or one approx 30MP rectangular image derived from the two circular images ;
have in the past uploaded those using the former browser-based uploader, should work just as well in the Python-based Command Line uploader ;

the exact 2:1 width:height ratio ensures Mapillary recognises this as a 360×180 degrees image and processes as needed.

Never tried the 360 video mode.

Hope this sets you on your way?

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