Road surface quality

I find it very useful, that I can explore the collected data for traffic signs and even trash cans, however I think one useful feature would be to detect the road surface type and state and show it in the map as an overlay. This could be updated on open street maps more easily without checking the actual photos.
Is feature already implemented and I am just not seeing it or is it planned?

Surface type is maybe possible, but I know of a lot of conditions where it’s hard to tell the difference between asphalt and concrete (usually when facing the sun), so I’m not sure what the success rate would be for an AI. Surface quality (i.e. smoothness=*) is pretty subjective at the best of times, and unlike surface, changes with time and requires updating on some timeframe.

I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be cool to see this information automatically generated, but I have to imagine the error rate would be pretty high…

There is a project ( that uses accelerometers in your phone to detect surface vibration, but I’m not sure if it’s up-to-date or usable still. Again, it’s subjective and subject to calibration to your vehicle.

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