Question about the number of photos

Got a question.
I always go to work for my bike. Do I need to take every trip if the route is unchanged, or is it unnecessary? Maybe there is a need to do this once a month, for example?

You do not have to do pictures at all, no one forces you :wink:
Do as much as you like, but on a daily driven path with no changes, IMHO 2-3 times is ok, esp. on the way to work the setting around does not change much (sun in front/back, masses of folks around,…).
But it could be nice to see that area in winter (snow), summer, spring,…
And if something changes, e.g. constructions alongside.
My way to work is no more coverd by my mapillary tracks, but that area is mostlky covered with my fun rides I do in between.



Thanks for the answer.
Difficulties of translation. I understand that no one forces me, it’s most interesting for me.
In other weather, ok, we’ll do;)

You can change the cam/smartphone orientation to capture front/left/right

Sometimes the photos taken by my smartphone roll over. How to avoid this and how to fix already posted photos?

@Dolphinyara - I can confirm from the Mapillary side that you’ve received good advice here from @Amiga4000 and @StephaneP about how often to capture. :smile:
For rotated images, please submit the affected sequence keys via this form:

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