Processing time for new movie in Google Street View

I used my Insta360 X3 to take around 120 images in 3 seconds interval while walking in a new ummapped street.
I captured the GPS location with “GPS Logger” app. Converting the images into video and generating the GPX file was perfromed with JPG2VID.exe
The video is 120 seconds, one second per image and it weight 190 MB.
For the last 4 weeks the video is in status “Processing” in

Can anyone please provide an estimation how much time it would take to Google to complete the process?


Hi Guy,
From your message it would seem Mapillary (a Facebook-owned company) processes videos considerably faster than Google’s streetview studio …
Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘withfriendly greeting’) ,

I have some success, and some failure with uploading.

I managed to get some videos that were stuck “Processing” working and finally processed by
editing the GPX file and reupload.

I use

I need to write up my workflow guide,
but for the moment, I’ll just give brief tips

check using " Draw on a map"
select [Click here for the Google Maps version] fix the points that are wrong, it should not be zip-zag

output as txt

fix elevations

output as txt

use a text editor and copy the timestamps from original GPX file

upload again.
Note, you can upload multiple times, don’t worry.
play with this until it works.

I check google maps to see which side of the road the yellow icon man is,
and move the GPS points to that side, and I end up getting a blue line, with Google

Thanks a lot for the tips.

I reviewed all the way points and found:

  • There was one extra way point in the GPX
  • There was one way point with altitude (I removed the altitude from all)
  • There were some un accurate way points which I moved to the correct location.

I used the GPS Visualizer to view the path the following online tool to update the path:

Once done, I uploaded the video + GPX to Google Street View Studio.
Hope it will work this time.


Did it work? Published on GSV?

I’m in the same problem and need to find a solution.

Thank you.


Hi jgh35,

Please write your workflow I’m stucked and need to upload new ones.

Thank you!


Out of 5 movies I uploaded to GSV 4 failed with the same error: "Processing Error
Inaccurate GPS".
One of them is from an unmpped forest, so I cannot see how Google can determine that it is inaccurate.
I did some modification to the GPX and uploaded 2 additional versions to try and understand what works.
Im thinking maybe my movies are rejected becuase the average distance between the points is ~20 meters.
Now waiting to see the results of the processing.

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Here are two GPX files, both for the same video, both uploaded to Streetview
the upper of the two got stuck in status processing, finally ending (weeks later)with error inaccurate GPS

The bottom one processed, and joined Google Car streetview,blueline, as another date.

The video made from JPG2VID

The reason why I moved the GPS positions to the side of the road, was because I noticed that Google Yellow Man, was at the side of the road, and this worked.


Other uploads are still stuck, and fail with inaccurate GPS, and there was no blueline
there before, I don’t fully understand what’s going on.

And So far I made 3 videos direct from the Camera, and recorded GPX data on my phone.
They all worked no problem. made blue lines

How can you manage it with your phone / camera?

X3 ?

And how to upload/publish to GSV?

I’m super curious :face_with_monocle:

That’s unacceptable we can’t publish to GSV for me



You can record GPS data on any device, either a separate phone, or some people strap a dedicated GPS tracker to their 360 camera pole, because the 360 camera GPS is not accurate.

Using a phone, I found gpslogger worked, using default settings, recording GPS once every second.

This guy explains it

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This video was removed. Got another one?

I agree with @Guyshahaf in that Google does not have a frame of reference in unmapped geography to determine what is accurate. I have successfully submitted a video + gpx for an unmapped hiking trail and it generated a blue line correctly. So this cannot be the cause of the “inaccurate GPS” problem.

I suspect “inaccurate GPS” is a red herring. Google is not telling us exactly what failed, so the message might as well say “general error”. This leaves us (myself included) with a lot of guess work and trial and error. If someone figures it out a pattern, please post. Thanks!

I submitted a video that was made using JPG2VID, and an accompanying GPX file for an unmapped trail. Result was “inaccurate GPS” error. Unlike @jgh35, there is no existing blue or green line to act as my frame of reference. So how can Google determine that I wasn’t walking where I was supposed to? I swear I wasn’t drunk and stumbling all over on that hike.