Private project for education

I’m a teacher (in France) and I would like to know if it’s possible to have a private project for a educational use only.
My goal : going in he city with pupils, use the tablet app to take photos, and have a private map that could be shared.
Do someone know if it’s possible ?

I’m not familiar with the details, but if you go to the mapillary website (and are logged in), you see in the right box, the rightmost tab ‘projects’. I think thats exactly what you are looking for. How it works, you still have to figure out. It says: “Projects are private Mapillary repositories. You can switch to a project that you’re a member of in here.”

edit: Private repositories Starting at $500 / month Source

Hi @bjh50!
Private projects are a paid feature (as @arvdk already pointed out). However, it’s highly likely we can help you achieve your goal in other ways, using the free part of Mapillary. Please write to us on and tell a little bit more about your project, what you want to do and why you would like it to be private. We’ll be happy to discuss and find a solution!

Thank you for your answers.
I will write to you by e-mail.
Thanks !

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