Prestigio roadrunner - useless for mapillary

Tested Prestigio RoadRunner 545GPS today. One would have thought that for a device that can do photos and has GPS it would be great for Mapillary. Unfortunately, it looks like the GPS part has never been integrated in the device, it’s just an addon. You cannot take photos only when moving (like specifying the distance). Even worse, you cannot even take timed photos, you can only do… a single photo manually.

This makes the device useless for Mapillary. While one could extract images from video, that’s cumbersome and uses huge amounts of card space for what ends up being a relatively small number of images - and the resolution of video is lower.
Will be returning this camera.


Thanks for the information. It’s mad that the easiest camera for Mapillary is still my cellphone.

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Thanks for sharing @Richlv. Hard to find suitable dashcams as most have been designed with a different purpose in mind. We’re keeping an eye out though and gathering as much info as possible.

I sent feedback to Prestigio, too - asking for such a feature or access to the source code of the device. Their devices seem like an affordable option, except for the limited software. Maybe others also want to contact vendors on this topic. As in, I encourage you to :slight_smile:

Yes it’s interesting that software is the limitation for many of the devices rather than hardware. My colleague Ryan is in discussions with many vendors at the moment, starting with the most common devices. One of the main objectives is get access to the source code required to make the device Mapillary compatible.

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