Practical / ideal distance between panoramas / photo spheres

So I’d like to try uploading photo spheres to Mapillary, creating a sequence. I don’t own a 360º camera such as Theta yet, so I’d give a try with Google’s Camera app, creating Photo Spheres.

What do you think would be a good interval between the spheres, on a street moving forward? I made a first try by taking ~10 spheres walking 15 large steps between every shot on a block near work, but I still must edit the EXIF tags to correct the GPS position.

The best interval depends on the distance to the objects or walls around you. The farther the objects the larger you can walk from shot to shot.

As a rule of thumb, the distance between shots should be smaller than the distance to the main objects around you.

Why did you need to edit the GPS position?

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Thanks for the tips. I guess I’ll stick to the 15 steps rule, to make it easier to pinpoint the GPS positions.

Well, I did the first shots on the street, but I want to be able to take panoramas in places with no GPS signal (underground subway stations, for instance) and add the GPS information later. But also even overground I might need to edit the GPS position, because my device (Moto X 2013) does not give a good signal when I’m on an urban canyon. I have trouble to capture regular photos with the Mapillary app because of that.

Cheers from Rio

By the way my first sequence with Photo Spheres is online:

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