Photos are not taken frequently enough

On my Google Pixel 4a, I have set my distance threshold to 3 meters, and the compass threshold to 10°, but it seems that the distance threshold is only applied when the car is going slow. Otherwise, it will take max a picture every 0.8 seconds or so. I’m pretty sure this is not due to my phone processing power, because I can spam the manual “Take a picture” button, and it will capture them as fast as I tap the button. How could I fix this potential bug ?

thats not a real bug, most mobiles are really not fast enough to take pictures more frequently than one every 0.5 sec or around.
Its about reading the sensor, compressing, saving to memory,…
Try with time based schedule, although that won’t go lower, to.
(and on distance base the mobile also need to read gps, calculate and react…)


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I understand that it needs time to save the photo, but when I try time based, and pressing the manual button along the time based, it saves around 5 photos per second ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ). If it was because the GPS takes too long to refresh, couldn’t the Mapillary team use a tool to estimate the user’s position between GPS updates, like every GPS app like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps etc are doing?