Nikon Keymission 360


Will the Mapillary app work with the new Nikon Keymission 360? As I am considering buying it.

Also does anyone have any experience using it with Mapillary?



I heard that it can’t do photo interval capture (timelapse), but I haven’t verified it myself. We plan on adding video support in the apps at some point too, but no idea when right now.

So to answer your question, if timelapse is supported, then we should add support as soon as possible.

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Seems to be OK for timelapse :wink:

“-Capture and share fully immersive 360° interactive videos and photos
-Waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof with no additional housing
-Record 4K Ultra HD videos, 23.9-megapixel photos, time-lapse sequences and more
-SnapBridge integration for real-time wireless sharing
-Compact and lightweight with over 10 mounting accessories available”

Yeah… but @janine talked to someone who said it didn’t have timelapse after all, so not sure exactly.

The manual mentions a timelapse movie, which will be in 4K: page 31. But I could not find time lapse photos. Pitty, because it seems to have nice specs.

4K roughly corresponds to 8 mega pixels, so the images are useable, but I would suggest other cameras for this resolution.

That 4K of theirs is really… 4MP…

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It has had mixed reviews and there seems to be some problems with stitching and quality.

Maybe I will go for the Ricoh Theta SC instead.

The new Ricoh Theta R also looks good and more shock proof, but it’s not for sale yet:

Ricoh gives the best stitching in this price range. But it can only take an image every 8 seconds.
Giroptic provides almost as good stitching, but not full coverage of the bottom. But images every 2 seconds.

Theta R is a version for advanced users where you have to provide a power source. It can do live streaming 24/7 and has better cooling. It should not be more schock proof, but you may be able to use your own m micro sd card. When they let it stream more you could hope that it will take more images/s, but I have not been able to find any documentation.

The new Kodak Orbit 360 looks quite good, but isn’t out till April:


Has anyone bought the Kodak Orbit 360 here? (got an mapillary-image-link for me?)

I was interested in the keymission, but it is discontinued and the reviews weren’t that solid…

Been reading around a bit more. Get the distinct impression that the “Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360” is a good quality camera for a descent price. Only the GoPro Fusion is handy for internal GPS…