Multicam setup with "cheap" action cam

Hi, has anybody some experience with a mutlicam setup (for 360° and so) with some cheaper action cames like Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM etc.?

I’m working on this for quite a time, but can’t find any cameras which are able to be controlled simultaneously. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestion to look at?

My experience is that with the amount of post-processing I have to do with the photos from my SJ4000s, it’s not a big issue that they’re not simultaneously controlled. The functionality of the app with GoPros (now with multicam support) is great, but I don’t see it being too important that the images are taken at precisely the same moment.

However, if it’s that important to you that they’re at the same moment, if you have the shutter sound on, it would be pretty easy to start one running, then start the next camera to coincide with the first, and so on. I don’t know what your requirements are, but I think that would work pretty well.

Yes, I do:

I control the 4 Yi from a smartphone

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