Mapillary, will I be wasting my time building this?

For a long time I’ve wanted to build a layer ontop of Mapillary designed to surface off-road imagery (hikes, ski runs, MTB trails…) using a good search layer (filter by speed, elevation change, method of capture, etc.)

Based on lot’s of trial and error, I came up with a basic skeleton of how I’d build this using Mapillary as a backend last year.

@chrisbeddow @asturksever @tao @boris – before I delve into this passion project… are there any plans to change the API structure, or access to them, in the near future?

Of course I understand the t&c’s define that such changes can happen at any time… but I’m just trying to get an informal steer on wether you think I should invest some time into this :slight_smile:

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@trekview - as long as you think the current API supports your use case, I think it’s fairly safe. It’s always difficult to predict the future, but generally I don’t foresee any major structural changes for the API in the coming months.

Excited to see what you build!


Love this one

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The API endpoints covered with API Documentation are safe to use for your projects. The undocumented GraphQL API used by Mapillary apps is not safe as it has several security, privacy, anti-scraping systems that might block access at any time. If there’s anything you need from there, let us know and we’ll look into adding it to the official API.


My biggest feature requests for the public APIs;

  • Pagination: allow for easier navigation of large result sets
  • Sequence data on the public API. Right now images are handled well, but sequence info is not trivial to obtain. I’d ideally like…
    • a sequence object listing image IDs. As to parameters on the endpoint, let me retrieve by image ID/username. I don’t need geo search at this level (e.g. bbox)
    • sequence states (i.e as a user I want a way to be able to track if my sequence has failed). Right now, sequences only show if published. This can be problematic as I’m not sure if it’s failed processing or if it is still processing.
  • Upload: put a wrapper on the upload endpoint currently used by mapillary_tools on public API

Hi @trekview !

Just wanted to let you know about the added pagination support: