Mapillary ⇄ OpenStreetCam synchronization tool

I made a tool to copy your images between Mapillary and OpenStreetCam:

  1. Log in with both Mapillary and OSC accounts
  2. Press both ‘Load sequences’ buttons to fetch the lists
  3. Select sequences to transfer
  4. Press the ‘Transfer’ button. It will take a minute to start
  5. The transfer will happen on the server side, you may close the tab

Right now it works in one direction only, but I can implement the other way too if I see interest.


Wau, thank you. Working like a charm!

doing this now…

excellent tool - image transfer underway

Well done @SviMik. I tried today but without success. It loads 1000 sequences (I guess that is the maximum set) . When I check just 1 (of all) sequences the “transfer selected sequences” stays greyed out so I can not use it. I tried in Chrome, firefox and Brave.
Any idea how to solve this?

Also: The date does not have the year in it so I do not know the exact date.

My bad. It is running now. I forgot to press BOTH “load sequence” buttons. It seemed strange to me to press “load sequence” on OSC because I did not have a sequence there (I just joined) . But… it seems to work now. I also see that when the year is missing in the date it is the current year…so … all in all it seems to work just fine. Thanks.

Yes, it needs both lists to know if a sequence has already been transferred. Sorry if it’s not obvious, I’m not much of a UI designer.
Dates without a year are the current year, if the year is different it’ll be printed.

The OSC is acting slow as of late (I guess why…), it may better to just select all sequences and leave it transfer for couple of days.

Also, an important note for 360 sequences: it takes 2-3 days for OSC to process them before they get published (before that only you will be able to see them). Flat images are published immediately.

Thank you, this is great! Out of curiosity, is the source code public (Github, etc)?

I would be interested in transferring both directions.

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Not yet, but I might release some parts of it later.

I think I can implement it sometime later. Downloading from OSC is pretty simple, but uploading to Mapillary requires to modify the file (I’m not sure why they weren’t happy with standard EXIF fields and require to copy them into the proprietary one).

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Is there anyway on logging in through my OpenStreetMap login? As this is what I use to login to Mapillary.

Now it is possible to log in using OAuth! You can log in on Mapillary website with any method you like, then just click “Log in using OAuth” to authorize this tool.

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This is absolutely amazing! Lets hope neither Mapillary or OSC try to block people from using it.

Does OSC accept sequences in parks, because Mapillary deleted one of mine.

Personally I haven’t heard of OSC moderating sequences in any way.

Still lots of sequences in parks filipc so I am not sure what has happened in your case

Great tool! You might want to mention it here

I wonder about the business model of Openstreetcam. All those terrabytes of images now flowing from mapillary to osc have to be cloud hosted which will cost quite a lot as more users use their platform.

How do they generate income to pay for long-term cloud hosting?

My thoughts exactly. I’ve just transferred a few thousand from Mapillary to OSC to see how this tool works but… what will happen in the near future…? I guess I will just save future shots on my personal hard disk and see what is going to happen to both Mapillary and OSC. This week I’ve shot thousands of photo’s but so far… no upload for me. Patience is a virtue they say. :wink:

Well… Mapillary was acquired by FB in June 2020.
OSC was sold by previous owner (Telenav) to Grab in Dec 2019.
How grab is planning to benefit from this purchase - not very clear while their main focus is taxi/scooters service in Singapore and some other Asia countries

Is there indeed a 1000 sequence cap? If so, I’m also going to exceed it (1600+ sequences here)