Mapillary for iOS 6.0.3 is out

  • The Camera screen now handles the case where camera or location permissions are not granted and now shows an alert

  • Fix for bug that could cause a crash on the Camera screen if there was a camera error or if permission to use the camera was not granted by the user


Not specific to 6.0.3, potentially a change from 6.0 - there is no longer an activity counter on the app icon to show images pending upload?
It’s not a must have, but I tend to forget there are images pending upload, and I don’t think the app reminds about this anymore

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Thanks for the feedback! We removed that in 6.0.0. I’ll notify our product manager and possibly that feature will come back :slight_smile:

cc @boris

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Yes, let’s bring it back! I don’t think we meant to remove, seems like a useful thing to have :slight_smile:

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