Is it legal to upload photos from inside the workplace in France?

I would assume that the answer is no, but as I haven’t found any specific regulations covering the issue I thought I’d share the question. I am particularly interested in interior office environments.

I don’t know french law, but in Denmark the workplace is probably assumed to be a private place. For that reason you would have to ask for permission - and get it written. I would definately ask for permission for taking photos in any workplace, even a shop or mall.

Thanks tryl, of course this makes perfect sense. Are they even any indoor spaces photographed on Mapillary? I suppose this isn’t the objective.

@jsimps thanks for your question! You are correct that indoor mapping is not the objective. Some of the complications include the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get a GPS fix indoors and therefore geotagging the photos takes a lot of manual work, and also that Mapillary is not built for handling different levels that buildings have.

With that said, it has been used for indoor mapping in some cases - with one prominent expert on this being our French ambassador @ZIMMY. For instance, here he has captured the Gare de Lyon in Paris:

But as @tryl said, with regard to privacy it is best to get on the safe side and get explicit permission, if you feel like for your personal case you’re able to solve the other indoors-issues (i.e. are up for manual geotagging and do not have floors).

In France mostly only public streets and openspaces can be taken. But we have stranges laws : monuments, artworks can be with Copyrights.