INSTA360 one R timelapse to mapillary with GPS location

Dear all,
I would like to ask for a workflow to process a timelapse VIDEO taken on INSTA60 one R (or any other camera). I am using a GPS log (taken with a smartphone) and would like to insert location on every photos and export to mapillary.
I am wondering if that is possible to do with " Command Line Tools". if so, can someone help me?

thank you

by now I’m exporting sequence of images with this workflow:


However there are few limitation such as:
-capture ONLY every 3 seconds;
-Image to far for the mapillary software to relate them into a smooth 3D space;
-Horizon line not well calculated.

Those are the main reason I’m trying to figure out alternatives. thanks in advance

If you specifically want to use the tools you will generally need the following;

  • A gpx or like track file (from your smartphone)
  • The images stamped in a way that the UTC date/time is “somewhere”.

The most common image “stamp” is usually the “Date and Time (Original)” EXIF tag. If your camera already produces this you are mostly already there. It’s been a while since I used any other method, so I don’t know if they are still supported. (eg date/time by filename)

The idea is that the tools process all the images in turn and create a json for all the required upload details. It can also optionally write position/direction info as EXIF tags. The Mapillary server doesn’t appear to use the EXIF tags at all, just the json data.

Assuming you have the image date/time stamp the mapillary tools will process and upload with one command. No other software needs to be run. The command however may need refining to suit your actual images.

The tools at GitHub - mapillary/mapillary_tools: Command line tools for processing and uploading Mapillary imagery have an extensive readme if you want to go that way. Happy to help further, but you may want to use the desktop loader instead!


great, thank you ill check out.
I Think my main issue is to transform a VIDEO into a sequence of images with the correct time stamp for each different image. then I plug the GPS depending on the time.
Do you know if this is possible

I Think my main issue is to transform a VIDEO into a sequence of images

Pro tip: Do not bother with video in the first place. Go for time lapse mode (with direct GPS recording). If your camera does not support time lapse mode and direct GPS recording then get a camera that does. Seriously, believe me, you will be much much happier with that and your life will be a lot easier; choose your camera based on your needs and workflow, not the other way around.

Re starting with a video

The tools uses ffmpeg to “convert” the video stream to images plus ffprobe to get the video parameters. (frame rate etc) If the camera produced video is understood by ffmpeg then it will probably work. If not the vid>jpg conversion and date/time stamping will have to be done with other software.

Insta360 is capturing GPS if you start the captureprocess from your Smartphone, if you had GPS enable… For picuture i know its working. for video maybe not on all.
But give the Smartphone App a try to check if you can enable gps there

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