**IMPORTANT!** Forum disturbances and losses 7 July 2017

Dear Mapillary forum community,

As you may have noticed, our forum was unavailable since yesterday until just now. We have been working on improving the security and performance of the forum but ran into some issues that resulted in the forum breaking down.

I’m sad to give the news that due to this, all posted content and new signups to the forum since 1 June 2017 until yesterday have been lost. =( We have been trying all we can to restore, but with no luck. This incident pointed out flaws in the backup system for this forum, which we are now fixing to make sure that if a similar situation should happen again, we will not bear such data losses.

We are really sorry to have lost your ideas and discussions. They have been wonderful and we hope that you will be able to continue them regardless of the setback. For any recent members, we sincerely hope you will re-join the forum.


Bummer, but at least it was not any pictures that got lost. I hope everybody will have a nice weekend :smile:


As one who is responsible for overseeing backups for multiple sites, I do not envy you. :frowning:

I don’t think I had posted anything of earth-shattering (or even just glass-shattering) proportions over the past month! :hushed:


The only thing I lost was the ‘First Flag’ badge because there was a couple of spam posts I saw for the very first time.

At least those posts are gone now.

Edit: hahaha I just noticed the Mapillary Community Forum digest email I received because it thinks I have not been active since 30th June 2017.
I’m sure everyone else here received it too.

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@katrin are you sure only 1st July to 7th July is lost?

For example a topic @jbthmilk made on 27th June titled “[Meta] Using the newest (and best?) Mapillary Version” does not exist.

Also looking at my own activity there is nothing since the 26th May.

@JBTheMilker has almost no activity in June at all.

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@Didz The original post says “since 1 June” (not 1st July)

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Ah it was late at night when I posted it. I originally said June then changed it to July in my sleepiness.

It all makes sense now.

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I, JBTHEMILKER, BEG TO differ. You say all recent ideals and posts were lost.
They may not be where you are used to finding them, but all the posts I’ve written, many are very recent, are still there. I did some digging and could not come up with any posts I had posted that could not be found.

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Wow, if that is the case, I’d be very interested in a tip on where to find them. =)

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I admit my latest and greatest seems to be lost, a post where many decided to go back to using 3.27.
I think you may have lost as many as a half dozen posts, no more than that.
I check the forum often, most often, especially during the week or so in question, there were no new posts.


In case you are not aware, you should still be able to find lost forum posts from the Internet Archive: Eg: Wayback Machine


Yeah what a bummer and yes awesomeness on not losing any photos

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