How to prevent glare from the sun rays?

Hi, a couple instances when I’ve used Mapillary recently and facing the sun, there’s significant glare from the its rays that somewhat detracts from the viewer and in some cases, makes it difficult to see some objects in the photos.

Here’s one of my sequences with several photos that have this.

Any suggestions how to overcome this, besides not mapping in the direction facing the sun? Should I still upload these photos?


Hi @skorasaurus,

Maybe to join the related topic here to get some ideas: Reducing dashboard reflections with a CPL (Circular Polarizer Filter)

From our point of view, go a head upload the photos even if there are some reflections. The images still contains valuable information.

Happy mapping!


As said in the discussion that @Sandra points to, if the camer is behind a window, make sure the camera is as close as possible to the window.

Mapillary has also highlighted that some users put their action camera on the hood of the car, that helps with the window glare.

When snapping pictures manually while walking, I sometimes use my other hand to block the sun, that helps a lot. But it is a pain, because the hand has to be in the right place, without appearing in view of the camera.

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