Map of sunlight

Is there a service somewhere that shows from what angle the sun will shine? The information is obviously known, but has anyone made it into a public map?

Taking pictures against the direction of the sun usually lead to bad pictures. Taking pictures in the city with the sun from the side usually gets you a lot o shade. So would be nice to be able to quickly have a look when it is best to snap pictures for a perticular street.

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And how about predicting good satellite reception in a street in a tall city ?


If I did not put that link in the manual yet, it should be in it.

I find the better the phone/camera the better they do with glare. My s8 does the best of my phones.
I just mounted a Waylens camera (awarded to me by OSC for being their top contributor) this camera seems after one trial run to do very well in glare situations.
I’d like to have another to contribute to Mapilary.

Don’t be shy to link to OSC. Maybe those can be a reference to what good pictures are.

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