How do you cover a town?


Mansfield Ohio has a population of 40.000. They have a place I like to eat on Sundays. To get the best deal I must get there at 10;30 in the morning. This gives me about 2,5 hours of daylight this time of year before I get to eat on Sundays. I spend that time mapping the town. Ive been covering Mansfield Ohio for about 3 months
The town still has plenty of unmapped roads and roads I’ve only gotten going one direction.
How do others systemsticly cover a town?
I have also been working on Kenton, Mount Vernon Marrion and even Columbus Ohio

The only town I feel I’ve completely mapped going both ways on all streets is Mount Gilead where I live and where I’m stuck when I have no wheels.
I talked to someone at the State of the map in Detroit. They said they try to take every other right. Then when they complete a town that way they start taking every other left.
How do you map a town?
Completing a town is not easy.


too many things to consider. if you are doing it on your own, and at this time of the year, can’t really do it fast


I use routing apps like to plan crazy and extensive bike rides. There’s no obvious right answer to figuring out the optimal route unless your town is a perfect grid with no inconsistencies (which I think is impossible). If you’re so lucky, I figured out how to get both directions of a 4×4 grid (except for the outer counter-clockwise path) in one go.

Here’s an example:

Basically, you start at the corner, going clockwise. Go Right, Straight, RRRS, RS (2×), RRRS (3×), RS (2×), RRRS (3×), RS (2×), RRRS (3×), RS (2×), RRRS, R.

So essentially, it’s four times RRRS (3×), RX (2×), and you could start anywhere in that sequence. However, if you start at the corner, when you come back to the same corner, you could start fresh at the next 4×4, giving you a total possible unbroken route of 8×8 blocks (which in my example is 24 mind-numbing miles).

That’s the ideal, I guess. In reality, I try to do similar clover-leaf loops of stupidly non-square blocks, usually in groups of three, not four, so I can usually get about 5 or 6 blocks unbroken without repeats. I spend a lot more time planning routes and processing photos than I do collecting them…


I do this mapping year round.
I’ve always worked alone. I’m sure there must be others like myself.


The city of Mansfield, like many Ohio towns was laid out by a drunk cow.


It still looks a bit easier to cover than european towns.
I too map by myself, sometimes getting a ride with someone. Not going for speed, so just trying to capture things when I am out. With snow covering most things the last couple of weeks, not even thinking of doing a dedicated mapping run


@JBTheMilker this is a good issue. I don’t have some of my old info available right now. I know some others have mentioned some tools. I haven’t looked at them yet but I’d like to. Getting a street both ways is the tricky part.


Once a road is covered one direction it turns green. You are right, getting everything going both ways is very hard.


I’d like a formula that would insure my hitting all roads in both directions.
Ive been eorking on this this morning as I work on some of the sub divisions of northern Columbus.