Hitting request limit

While using the https://graph.mapillary.com/map_features endpoint I am getting 403 errors with the response header

www-authenticate: OAuth “Facebook Platform” “invalid_request” “Application request limit reached”

I have seen the response to Images fail to load on Mapillary JS - Request limit? - Imagery, data, and integrations - Mapillary Community Forum post. Is the limit of 50k/min only to image requests?

I quickly get this error when I have throttled my requests to 5k/min.
What is the request limit for this endpoint?

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Right now I also see these 403 errors with the same www-authenticate header, just by using the Mapillary web app.

I don’t know of related but when using the Mapillary photo overlay in OSM-ID the frames become inaccessible after perhaps an hours use. The green sequence track remains visible though. Turning the layer off for a while then on again does not help. I am not sure whether restarting the browser session does.

We have updated API documentation where you can find more details on rate limits

Requests to graph.mapillary.com are limited to 50,000 per minute per app. Exceeding the limit your app will be throttled and users will receive “Application request limit reached” error.

  • limit - int: the maximum number of image entities to return. Max and default is 2000.

You can do API calls to vector tiles for larger queries or use Mapillary Python SDK. You will need to input your area of interest(.geojson format or bbox) and download the map data.

Does this limit also apply to the Mapillary web app? So if many users are looking at Mapillary images through the web app, everybody is throttled?

So, the 50k/minute is not 50k individual http requests, but 50k returned entities?

IE: If I set a limit of 2000, I can make 25 calls per minute (if each call returns 2000 entities)?