GoPro Fusion - CPU render

(PTgui + NodeJS +Python 2.7)


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is this for people without gpus?

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Something like Hugin?


my GF 9500 GT 512Mb

too old for rendering ((((

Ptgui showed himself much better for batch processing

right now i’m just wondering how i could render 360 videos and then get 5fps + coordinates from it
(some write that the focus in the video will be better)

because now only 2fps serial photos are stable

I built a script that creates JPG’s from my MP4 at .5, 2, 10 or even 25 fps and matches it to my GPX file and then uses Hugin to stitch the raw images (then one could create an MP4 again of the separate JPG’s… but there is no reason for me)

hmm, how do you match 2,5,10…25 fps (frames per second?) with GPS, while GPS resolution is only 1 cps (coordinate per second)?

The magic word is “interpolation”!

I started out with a script I found on openstreetmap.

There is not much left of the original script :wink: The basic matching routine was sound, but I improved upon it (quite a bit).
I find the GPX position before and after and interpolate!
When it matches exactly to the second, I also look up the GPX point before and after, the further away (in seconds) it is from the original, the lower the value and calculate the average. This way “sharp corners” in the GPX recording get rounded off a bit (looks much better :wink: )

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