Go Pro Max / Street View *nightmare*

Hi all,

I bought a Go Pro Max because it’s the lowest-cost one on the Google Street View list of compatible cameras (Create and Publish your own Street View images).

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get it to work with Street View!

It appears that StreetView will only accept MP4 and MOV file formats (even though it allows you to select and upload .360 files, and then gives you an error saying ‘failed upload’ afterwards!).

Using the Go Pro Player app to export the .360 files to an MP4, it will not export the GPMF data. No matter which encoding format I choose, the ‘Retain GPMF data’ box cannot be selected. So when I try to upload the MP4, StreetView says ‘No GPS data’. I know the GPS data is in the raw .360 file, because I can see a correct location track when trying to upload the raw .360 file (although it won’t accept this file format, as mentioned).

It’s driving me absolutely crazy. I’ve tried contacting Go Pro support, but they have sent me useless replies which don’t answer the question at all! When I asked them again in very clear English: no reply.

Does anyone on here have a simple solution to this GPS data export problem, or am I going to have to put my Go Pro in a drawer and abandon it? :frowning:

Thanks very much for any help.

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You have to use gopro player in MACOS to have the option “Retain GPMF data” enable. Maybe install hackintosh in your PC is the only way.

Dean Zwikel has a bunch of tools that are useful for this, including a tool to extract GPS data from video clips

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Thanks Saigon. That seems like absolute madness. Do Go Pro not realise that most people don’t have / can’t afford a Mac? Is there a specific reason that they’re deliberately disadvantaging the majority Windows users, I wonder?

(PS I know it’s not your fault :slight_smile: )

Thanks Evilbunny. I discovered these separately yesterday and managed to extract a GPX file from my videos, to upload into StreetView. It gave me a warning “The timestamps of the GPX files and the GPS track in the video don’t match” (or words to that effect), but it did accept the video and GPX for upload and is now ‘processing’, probably for a few days. Do you know if this issue prevents the processing completing, or is it all OK? The timestamps will never match, after all!

If you use Dean’s tools, you can rename the video and it will handle the timestamps mismatching as well, check the pdf for detailed instructions.

I have captures pending with street view since the 7th and according to the facebook group some people said there is an issue with processing on google side and not to delete and re-upload.

I’m new to all this, you would be best posting to the fb group as there seems to be knowledgeable people on there.

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Hi @cyberbub - we hope you’re able to resolve your Street View problem. Have you also tried uploading the .360 files from the Go Pro Max to Mapillary with the desktop uploader? You just drag them in, and they should be uploaded correctly: Desktop Uploader

Hi @boris
Recently, I upload some 360 time lapse 0.5s (.360) with Mapillary Mac uploader but I don’t get 5.6k but only 4096 x 2048 which mean those image get compressed?. I’ve seen plenty of GoPro MAX users around the world can upload with full 5.6k resolution. Could you spread some help?

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 17.26.57

Hey @saigongiadinh1698 could you check the EXIF info of the original images? esp. width, height, focal, etc.

exiftool image.jpg
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@saigongiadinh1698 I can confirm I’m seeing what you’re seeing for GoPro Max video as well, and @tao and I will look at this together. We’ll post here when we have an update. (For the record running exiftool on the video returns “Image Size: 4096x1344”)

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Hi @boris , @tao Thank you for supporting me on this. I look forward to your solution.

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Hi @boris @tao is there any updates on this?
My org account upload plenty of .360 videos (5.6k, 24fps at sequence Mh2nGYoV8JRTbNjOqSfadA) but mapillary still return only 4096 x 2048.

Hey, I solved it the upload issues, from street view.

  1. First, you need transform .360 in mp4 (I use GoPro player on windows).

  2. Then, you need to extract the GPX from .360 using any program (I use online: Telemetry Extractor for GoPro (Lite))

  3. After, we need to edit GPX information, putting same date and hour from video MP4.(I use https://gpx.studio/)

  4. Then to do upload in google street view the Mp4 Video and GPX edited.

Remember, the both needs to be the same information of date and hour.

I hope to understand my tutorial.

If you take off your GoPro please take of in my wastebasket. :smile:
Good look.

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