Get tiles with new trips

Hello! Is there a way to find out which vector tiles have new trips? By “new” I mean compared to the previous day. Or simply directly the new trips from a specific day, without correlation to the vector tile

@ionut_mntn : If you were to filter photos by date, for example from [specific date] to [specific date] : would that do?

In that case : along the top left of the Mapillary/app window there are four round icons adjacent to the Mapillary name , ‘hamburger’, magnifying glass, yin/yang-like thing and 3D-cube : pick the yin/yang one, set ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates to the specific date for which you wish to view new imagery : the world map will show some indicative green dots, but you may need to zoom in more close to view more : as you zoom in, those large dots are replaced with lines along the route followed.

Hope this sets you on a workable path?

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly gtreeting’},

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Thanks for the intention to help! However, this does not set me on a workable path. What I am trying to achieve is automate a process of downloading new trips daily. Therefore, it wouldn’t be feasible for me to manually check for new trips daily. Would also be very time consuming If I did so (consider identifying the trips on the map; but then you would have to find the corresponding vector tile for each trip, so that you could make a get request to the endpoint)

I use the API endpoint with the bbox and start_captured_at filters to find out what’s new. Problem is that the result set is limited to 2000 images (no paging here), and if you want to really get all images, then either the bbox or the start_captured_at-end_captured_at interval needs to be made smaller.

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