Get relevant tiles for specific country using Mapillary SDK

It’s actually more questions, regarding the Mapillary Python SDK:

  1. Is it possible to get all the tiles with trips for a given time period, eg: the last day/week/month/year?

  2. Is there a possibility to get all relevant tiles for a specific country? I have not tested yet, but I think the SDK is capable of returning tiles for a given bbox. Nonetheless, consider that a bbox for a country may include lots of water-only-vector-tiles or no-sequence-vector-tiles, which would not be relevant in my case(I am aware I could go for the classic approach, doing requests and checking for the “sequence” key in the decoded response, but wanted to know if & how I can do that through the SDK).

For example: given this bbox for Germany, get in return all tiles of zoom level 14 containing trips, for a given time period.

The ideal case would be to pass in a country name, or other form of input, but somehow make sure I do not get tiles that are fully outside the country’s borders.