Galileo smartphones and receivers

Today the Galileo launch went well, so you might consider this when buying something.
The first smartphone is ready :


Great. I am looking forward to see if it will improove GNSS accuracy.

So when will be operative the system?

It is not decided. They hope for Christmas or Epiphany.

Great news! Thank you

But fully in 2020. ++++++++++++++++++++++

Okay, well. Thanks +++

I add this information about smartphones Galileo ready:

Galaxy Note7 isn’t a a choice.

When the FOC ?
The next four satellites, launched together on 17 November, are beginning the same in-orbit testing activity, with the aim of joining the network next spring.

A very incomplete press release =

So today is the day. I cannot imagine that the 18 satellites are ready. Start with 14 ?

I must confess that I was not very happy to have heard it on the national television broadcast, just like anyone else. But luckily they gave a silly outdated comment by an “expert”. They said that Apple even had a chip that could listen to GPS and Glonass.

Well, on the national broadcast website it was the second most red item after something about the british royals.

Have the galileo start operating on any smartphones or somthing else?!! i’m trying to learn now as i am sitting home taking ansomone and doing nothing… thanks for making it possible.

An app that lets your smartphone work directly with Galileo and check performance from raw satellite signal measurements is now available for download from the

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