Dual Camera Capture / use secondary Camera

Every 2019 /2020 Phone has multiple Cameras. Most phones have a wide angle lens, which is often better for capturing street images.
Why is there no option to choose which camera should take the images?

I had an Xiaomi CC9 with three cameras, and pictures were taken with the worst of the three.
The same happens on the Samsung M30s.

If you can integrate this feature in beta, I would really like to help testing by joining the beta group.

Actually, it would be even better to have both cameras take a photo at the same time, wide angle for the overview, and tele for details.

Update: since Android 9 this should be possible for an App:

I’ve requested this in 2018, apparently it’s currently being done, it apparently is taking some time though.

It’s really an issue, because almost all phones have multiple cameras now and as you’ve said, Mapillary seems to take the default camera that’s presented by the API, which is the worst one apparently. On my Xiaomi Mi9 it’s neither taking the wide angle nor the 40MP lense, instead it takes the default 10MP lenses which is a massive reduction in image quality compared to my previous P20 Pro. I’ve now bought a broken used P20 Pro again for a few bucks just to take photos, not only for Mapillary but also generally. Mapillary still doesn’t access the best possible image quality but it’s much better than the Mi9 at least.

I think my workaround will be to simply use “Open Camera” set to automatically take pictures every x seconds and upload these photos through the web uploader. I hope that will work better.

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Yeah, I’ve done that too for some time, even automated it using Tasker so it won’t have double images on traffic lights/stops. You can find the Tasker profiles in the thread Ive linked if you wanna try that.