Different Firmware

What is the exact difference in the DR900S camera that Mapillary sell and the one Blackvue sell?
I mean what is the difference in the firmware
also if i was to get a Blackvue one can I upgrade to Mapillary Firmware and also if I was to get a Mapillary Firmware camera do you supply the firmware or can I upgrade it using Blackvue firmware?

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Not an exact answer but I use the Mapillary fw in a DR900S that was originally standard. (ie I loaded the Mapillary fw on a standard DR900S)

I believe the big difference is that lower frame rates are now coded in. I use 2FPS that creates 51MB vs 197MB movie files and the relative bit rate make the resultant jpg image sharper (or rather has less decoding artefacts). I have not done any work at 5FPS (this is the default setting)

I believe that any config changes also have to be done by editing a text file on the SD card. The phone app is no longer used.

Any Blackview DR900S fw can be changed, upgraded or downgraded by copying it to the SD card. The Pittasoft website explains this.

interesting answer, I own a DR900s.Where can i get these modified firmware?
Mappillary doesn’t answer. Next week I’ll go to a longer journey to brazil.
It would be nice to have.

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Contacting by support@mapillary.com has always worked for me. I also seem to remember a blog post (on their main website) that mentioned its availability.

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