Demo: Image enhancement for Mapillary

With Mapillary in mind, I have made a demo of a tool that can be used to enhance pictures in the browser. Myplan is to integrate it into a bigger tool that lets people save the enhancements and fetch rendered versions of those images. There is a lot of work untill that, but you can take a look at a very rough GUI:

What do you think?

The code is free software and there is a link to the GitHub repository.

Does this mean that my Garmin Virb XE pictures with all those very black shadows can be improved? There is no way that I will do that picture by picture myself.

Yes, they can be improved. The question is how much. The more you go into the shadows or highlightes, the less information does JPG save. This is to save space, because the eye does not see as well in the shadows and highlightes. You cannot get anything in the image that you cannot already see, but you can make what you can barely see more visible. It is up to expermimentation how much you can push an image.

Cropping and rotation will throw pixels away.

In the same ways as you don’t have to fix all of your blurs, you don’t have to do this. First, it is not finished at all and it will not be inside the Mapillary system. But I will make it so you can easily copy your settings to an entire sequence. Then you can e.g. fix that a dash cam should be rotated and cropped a bit, and perhaps everything should be a bit lighter.

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ice job tryl. i can see this being used

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