Copying "GoPro:all" from .360 to .mp4 with Exiftool

Hi, I am currently trying to figure out how I can copy over the GoPro Metadata from the .360 file to the .mp4 file as that function has been completely removed from GoPro Player.

I tried using this command, but that didn’t work

exiftool -tagsfromfile input.360 -gopro:all= input.mp4

I am a total novice in Exiftool, but this command below seemed to show all the GPS data in the .360 file. So the data is there.

exiftool -G -ee -gopro:all input.360

The GPS data is a separate track and not tags I guess? So you can combine it with ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i equirectangular_gopro_export.mp4 -i original_file.360 -c copy -map 0:0 -map 1:4 equirectangular_with_gps_data.mp4

And then you lose the metadata making the .mp4 a 360 video, so then have to add that back using exiftool. Perhaps your command works, but I found this somewhere:

exiftool -TagsFromFile equirectangular_gopro_export.mp4 "-all:all>all:all" equirectangular_with_gps_data.mp4
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Thank you, I will test it later tonight when I get back home from work. Have you tested it?

At least after doing it, both Mapillary and Street View Studio found the correct GPS locations and accepted it for upload and it looked correct as a 360 file in VLC. Now waiting to see if it will get accepted, so can’t boast about proper success just yet.

I managed to find where I learned this workflow, here:

Under these two headers:
Copying streams between videos
Copying metadata between videos

Btw when about to upload the other day for the first time, I realized you had covered half my city, so I sent you an email on your BYM email.

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