Command lines for Blackvue [Solved]

i have seen that version 0.8.2 is out.
so far i know that upload_blackvue is an option that i can use.
are the more parameter that i useable for blackvue records ?
like adjuste orientatation. skip/extract pictures ?
currently i am using stuff like
–advanced --geotag_source --interpolate_directions

in the old way i had to extract the picture, change orientation then upload over the windows tool where i was able to see the path of record.

would like to use the newest version, and review, before its getting uploaded

Hey @chuck,

Yes, absolutely you can use upload_blackvue command to upload your Blackvue videos directly. These videos will be sampled on server side. You do not need to use --geotag_source --interpolate_directions.

Example command to run: ./mapillary_tools upload_blackvue $path/to/videos/