Buggy Sequences

Not bugs of the software sort, but the six-legged variety.

It took me a bit of experimentation to determine that positioning my GoPro on the front of the hood with the lens about 7 inches (about 18 cm) above the hood surface was the best way to deter suicidal insects from plastering themselves on my camera’s lens. I suspect, based on my friend Bernoulli’s theories, that the camber of the nose creates a low-pressure area that sucks the bugs under the camera when it’s placed in that position. Or something like that.

My question is: Were I to re-travel some roads and re-upload some sequences that were marred by insect carcasses before I consulted Bernoulli, will the new sequences overwrite the buggy ones?

By way of introduction, my name is Richard. I’m a semi-retired IT geek and Web developer who lives on a hill. I’m new to both OSM and Mapillary. My goal is to get all of what pass as the “major” roads and at least some of the minor ones in my rural New York county captured. Why? Because they’re there, I guess.

I’m using a GoPro Hero 5 mounted on my car’s nose per Bernoulli’s instructions. That setup seems to work well enough for now. If I become more addicted, maybe I’ll do something more advanced.



Your new sequences will be in addition to but not replace your buggy photos. But that’s good! You’d be surprised how much information can be extracted from unsightly photos.

I’m new to both OSM and Mapillary. My goal is to get all of what pass as the “major” roads and at least some of the minor ones in my rural New York county captured. Why? Because they’re there, I guess.

I like your plan. This forum is the best place for Mapillary discussions and I would also recommend joining the OpenStreetMap-US Slack Channel if you have any OSM-specific questions: https://slack.openstreetmap.us/


Multiple images of the same area but at different dates will enable the time travel feature.

So it is fine to cover the same area.

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I think you should win the ‘best thread title’ award. It doesn’t exist but maybe it should. Great to have you and your six-legged friends contributing to Mapillary.

As the others said, the new sequences will be addition to, and not replace you old sequences. You can always use the filter in the top left to filter by date though.


Okay, thanks.

I have a feeling the rain will be putting a damper on mapping for the next few days, but the weekend looks promising. We’ll see, though. At some point, preferably before the weekend, I have to re-travel one of those routes to pick up a gift or gift card for a newborn who would be my step-great-grandson if his great-grandmother and I were still together. Maybe I’ll stick the camera on the hood and see what happens.

It’s too bad his great-grandmother and I split. If we were still together, I could attach the camera to her broom and get some aerial footage.

One of the advantages of living in the middle of nowhere (well, not exactly the middle; but within walking distance from the middle) is that pretty much anywhere I go is a long trip along roads that, for the most part, have never been captured. Maybe little stretches here and there have been photographed, probably by hikers or cyclists judging by the locations and imagery, but that’s all. The rest of the map is as barren as are the roads themselves.

That makes it easy to collect new imagery. I bought a battery pack for the GoPro that claims to provide eight hours of juice, a claim about which I have my doubts because it tends to self-discharge rather rapidly; but it definitely lasts long enough for any of the trips I usually make. Popping it on the hood for the duration of a trip I was going to make anyway costs me nothing in additional fuel and adds to the collected imagery.