Best way to use mapillary for crop type map validation?

I would like to use Mapillary to validate a grassland map at the crop parcel level. Therefore, I have driven about 300 km with a cam on the roof of a car. I have then uploaded all the images on mapillary. Now, I would like to tag selected fields as grassland or other crops. So far, I’m doing the sampling selection offline and then have used the Mapillary API to retrieve my images back. Now, I’m looking for a simple tool to tag the image.
Has someone an experience/idea of such use? I haven’found how to use the tags when sending querries though the API thus the built-in tag system is not really useful for me…

I also had a look on 2 interesting developpements:

If anybody has sth interesting to share in relation with agriculture mapping, it would be great!