Automatic search of missing bicycle infrastructure

My idea is to use mapillary traffic sign recognition to find places with missing bicycle infrastructure in osm data. The idea was already implemented for different purpose here:

It is simple: highlight places on the map that mapillary found traffic sign connected with bicycle and there is no bicycle data on the map.

In Poland we are experiencing boom in new bicycle infrastructure and alot of it stays not maped for long time. Unfortunately im not a programist and dont know how to do this on my own. Mybe someon could pick up this? :smiley:


This sounds like a project for osmose already does a bunch of this (eg speed limit or traffic light missing), not sure about cycling infrastructure though

@masterofnoroad would love to hear more about how you want to use the data. Improve signage?

We’re currently using imagery of Amsterdam with the aim of using abstracted data to identify improvements to cycling infrastructure. Perhaps there’s some cross-over here?

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hmmm, its more about any existence of bicycle infrastructure. Lots of it in poland stays not mapped. Especially out of the cities where map data is not so complete

…and its here! and working quite good! The problem is only with false positives from mapillary recognising bicycle lane sign as a cycleway sign (same colors only shape different). Maybe there is a place here to improve this sign recognition?

Feel free to use in your country :smiley: