Traffic sign recognition request

In the Netherlands we have three types op traffic signs for cycleways. 2 of them are recognised but the one that is usually the most scenic is not. It is very often blurred . It is sign G13 with the word “FIETSPAD” on it.

See this list of NL traffic signs

See this photo on which it is visible and the next on which it is blurred.

I agree, the sign “FIETSPAD” is always blurred, and it should not so hard to exclude that from bluring.

Two variants exist (new and old):

@katrin is it possible to add these to the traffic sign recognition database?

More general, is it possible to request certain country-dependent signs if they can be ‘recognized’ by your blur algorithm?

A general answer is yes, it is possible to add these signs to be recognised. And we will extend the algorithm in the next iterations, but it will take some time. That is because it’s not only a case of adding the sign to the list, but also training the algorithm to recognise it in different conditions. Need examples for that so everyone, please feel free to capture these whenever you can! :wink:

It’s been more than 2 years now. As far as I can see it is still not added to the list of traffic signs. Any status update on this request?

In the example given, there isn’t any blurring anymore, that’s a first step :wink:

I can tag “Bicycle” and “Bicycle Lane”… is there a list somewhere what is expected for which word? Or in other words a list of all tags and what is expected to be tagged?