API: Search sequences in bbox returning same sequence 16 times

So I also looked at the API today, trying to figure out how I could use it to get connected (?) sequences. For example: Sequence ERBB5d-8u3yoM3iGZ5ikXA is the first in a series of 10 sequences (the user told me this was basically a single upload which was cut into chunks of 500).

When using the map app and going to the last image in the first sequence, pressing play in the viewer recognizes the next segment and seamlessly shows the next image.

So me theory was, that if I get the first sequence (with the above ID), then use its last coordinates and search within a relatively small bounding box for segments from the same user, I should get maybe the original and the next sequence which I could then “connect” to the first to progress.

However, what I get with this request appears to be 16 times the same sequence:


So how could I possibly get a “connected sequence” (within a certain maximum distance) of the last point in a given sequence?