Anker ROAV C1 Pro Dash Cam

Has anyone else used the Anker Roav C1 Pro Dashcam? It has GPS but it doesn’t look like it outputs in GPX format. I bought one to try and I like the camera but I want to make sure it can upload to Mapillary (even it we have to convert the file to GPX). I am just not familiar with the entire format of their file.

The format of the files is as listed below.


Are the pictures taken between New Mexico and Oklahoma?

The lines are , separated.
First comes the date and time.
Next the coordinates

This is what is needed to create a GPX-file. But if you have some way to geotag the images you don’t even needs a GPX-file. You have to know a bit of programming to do that. If you are up to it, I can give you some pointers.

The rest of the numbers might represent stuff like speed, acceleration and heading. Perhaps also some settings.

It’s comma separated values so it would be easy to work with. I’m sure the rest of the information can be figured out if there isn’t documentation on it already.

The pictures are taken in Eastern New Mexico (Clovis to be exact). I got the first three and was able to convert to a GPX file using an online tool. I was able to upload and everything looks good.

I am a good, all around IT guy but not much of a programmer. The camera outputs the video so I have that and not individual images.

I have asked on the Anker help forum if anyone knows the data format just so it can be documented better for the next person.

Thanks for all the help.

@pauljous Can you give me the online tools to convert the .info file into a gpx. I tried using gpsbabel but got an error, invalid gpx. I’m trying to build a script to automate the process and plan to post it on github when it’s working. I need to see what’s wrong with my gpx file I’m creating with gpsbabel.

The best dash cam is still YI, But I can tell yours is pretty good with good functions too.