Adding organisation to existing 360 images [Solved]

Dear community,
Mapillary is a great tool.
I would like to add organization name to all my existing uploaded pictures due the pictures are courtesy of Furesø municipality. I use Command tool to upload images.
Is there a way of doing that - Can you help me do that?
Otherwise I’m thinking that I (Mapillary) If it is possible need to remove the pictures and then upload them again with the correct organisations information - Would that be an option?
Maybe this issue has been adressed in this fora before but I havent been able to find it - Pardon.
Thank you for your assistance.
Best regards Nash

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Hey @nnj4_furesoe,

We moved your individual images to your organisation profile upon your request.

For similar inquires, please reach out support and submit new ticket for moving imagery from individual account to organisation profile.

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hi @asturksever, thanks for at least providing us a way to address this request. Would the dev team consider to add an option in the web app to allow users assign individual photos to organization or shift between organizations?