Adding new tag for objects?

I would like to add new type of tags for objects but I haven’t found how to do it?

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According to the blog post when they released this feature, they said they’d only have a pre-set selection of tags to use at first. New/custom ones will come later.

Future plans
Currently, tags are available from a pre-set selection. Later on, we plan to add the functionality of custom tags. The aim here is to maintain a good balance between customization and systematization—the more people use the same terms to mark the same objects or scenes, the more everyone will benefit from it in the search functionality.

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Thx Gness for sharing this. Now the question is what does ‘later’ exactly mean?:thinking:

Really! I would add here a “gutter” or something like that which is not in the standard set. But I can not add a “manhole”(sewer grate).