Add 'Forum' to the slide-over menu which appears from the 'hamburger'

So, that cryptic header captures the essence - but without actually being clear.
Let me elaborate: the Mapillary forum is hard to find - unless you know about it and have created a bookmark.
On the hamburger menu there are large-type items like Leaderboard, Upload and Tasker, then below the sign-out button are listed several smaller-type entries such as Help, About, Manifesto and (rather important!) Status.
Would it be feasible to add Forum - either to the large-type entries, or to the smaller-type ones, please?
There is a link on the public landing page, but that is somehow not duplicated once logged-in.
Looking forward, as usually,

EDIT few minutes later : amended hamberger to 'hamburger.

What makes this even more odd, is in the Android app they list forum but not the blog.

I just Google “Mapillary forum”. Every - single - time. :roll_eyes:

I have three bookmarks =

Mly - Upl
MlyS9 = filtered since I use a Samsung S9
Mly forum