It all depends on the point of view. Heavy lifting in the backend makes sense if you manage/pay for the frontend. I’m not familiar with the inner workings here, but querying large tables is a costly affair in any system. Pushing some of that load to (non-paying) user makes sense. Providing cached tiles means that data gets to the end user faster and more reliably. And for apps only using the map data for illustrative purposes, this is a win. Loss of querying capability is Someone Else’s Problem.

And anyone with deep desire to extract some ancient knowledge from the data will scrape it all into their personal hoard anyway.

Is the sandbox API now available?

It would be useful to have a look before the v3 is phased out and things break.

How do you send the image_id to the images endpoint ?

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Thanks a lot for the response…
How would I then pull all the ID’s that a user have up-loadet ?

Would it be a option to expand the API V4 to expand the image search to make it possible to search based on User_name.
According to the current API documentation the search is only done based on organization_id …
A option to expand this to also cover user_name would be a good addition:

Image search

organization_id - string, filter images contributed to the specified organization key.

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Did something happen to your account? all your posts became a single dot .