360D Cameras - 1/4 Expansion Screw Adapters

Continuing the discussion from Brightness setting when taking 360 photos:

I got a 1/4 Expansion Screw Adapter


When I am taking pictures when I am cycling I also need power (using a power bank that connects to the usb-c connection). The extension you propose costs $15, I just cutted a cheap plastic mount and glued it on my selfiestick which I carry on my backpack. In Dutch store ‘Action’ for 1 euro ( this one https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-Portable-Flexible-Tripod-Holder-Mount-Stand-For-Action-Camera-Gopro-Hero-3-3-4-Accessories/32802850077.html )

Also a very handy tripod to use on the steer of a bicycle or buggy.

I was lucky and got it from that same seller for $3.99 Australian Dollars instead of $14.99 AUD back in November 2016.
It was an auction which nobody bid on so I got it at the start price. :smiley:

I use this one: http://www.dx.com/p/aluminum-alloy-hot-shoe-to-1-4-male-screw-w-ball-head-black-146322 for the same purpose. I have screwd the black plate off, so the screw just allows me to put a charging cable in my Ricoh Theta S.

Some people have also simply removed the cover flap, which will let you connect the cable and (at least some types of) mount simultaneously. But the extra bits seem like a healthier option :smiley: