360 camera mounted on drone

I would like to know if anyone has a feedback about taking photos from drone, and even more interesting from a 360 camera.
Mounting on a drone a 360 camera like the LG does not work because the GPS position is taken from the mobile. In this case the phone should be in the drone, and it will be too heavy for regular drones.
Any thoughts? What about the position? The taken track? The height? The propellers - motors?

If you can manage a constant speed with the drone, you can take pictures or video with the camera and afterwards add gps to the images assuming you draw the trajectory as a correct gpx using an external tool (some free webservices available).

Dosn’t drones usually have a GPS to find its way? It is possible to get a log from that?

you can then fix the geotag with the gpx to the photos using GeoSetter. I dont recommend flying high, anything above 5 meters high wont be good. let us know if you give it a try, curious to see.

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