Suggestions for editing tools

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Currently, the blurring tool consists in a rectangle the user creates by pointing a corner and extending the shape.

It works but it takes quite a long time to precisely point the corner and extend the shape of all areas to blur when you have more than a couple of faces or licence plates to blur on an image. It would be really nice/faster/convenient to have a kind of toolbox that would allow the user to chose between:

  • the currently existing tool described above
  • a pre-sized “small” or “medium” or “big” square that would do a one-click shape by pointing the middle of the face to blur, or the square licence plate (useful for scooters for example).
  • a pre-sized “small” or “medium” or “big” horizontal rectangle that would do a one-click shape by pointing the middle of the licence plate
  • an extendable circle similar to the currently existing extendable square
  • a pre-sized “small” or “medium” or “big” circle that would also do a one-click shape by pointing the middle of the face to blur

The pre-sized rectangles and squares are the most important, the circle is just a nice to have. Pre-sized shapes won’t fit exactly the objects to blur of course, but using a few overlapping ones would allow covering precisely enough the shape to blur in two or three clicks with no dragging.

Thanks for considering!

A simpler way might just be a click and drag approach.

Click in the centre of what you want to blur, dragging increases the size of the blur.

I’ve another suggestion for the editing tools, exposure correction for parts of sequence.

Recording pictures in car needs to point the camera quite upwards. So, auto exposure tends to be misled by the sky, often very luminous. And with some smartphones or action cameras, no way to avoid this.

It’s bad, because photos are really dark, but contains lot of details. After adjusting exposure, photos are good and fully useable. I did this one time, a batch edit to save a sequence, but an online tool would be awesome, and could be used with photos from smartphones.

I know it’d be a huge work to integrate this, but it’s a topic for suggestions, isn’t it ? :wink:

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This, definitely this

I have awful problems with this issue too, even when the sun is on my back due to clouds being lit up