Perl script upgrade OJW's image locator

Since I like Perl and like to fiddle around for myself, I used this script as a base:'s_image_locator_script

I improved this with:

  1. sorting of the images by date and time
  2. calculate lat/long on GPX-position before and after image date/time
  3. calculate bearing
  4. use exiftool to create image with lat/long and bearing

When building this I discovered that my GPX-log had several hickups in the log. It recorded a position aprox. every second, but the time was off by much in the end of the track, grouped somehow (mush locations in the same second?! Uploading the GPX to OSM gave a perfect line of the track, but the timestamps were off!

When people are interested I’ll publish the code here

the gpx log errors could be due to the app/device errors when recording?

There weren’t any errors, it just somehow waited to write the lat/long pairs… and when it did with the date/time when they were written.

I have now installed an other app (myTrack) maybe that one is better.