Mapillary Weekly Digest mails


Why don’t I receive on a weekly basis, the mailing “Mapillary Weekly Digest”?

Is it suppose to just be sent once a month? Or there is a bug in the mail server?

Filipe Graciosa


I am receiving them once a week fine, have you checked your spam filter?

I havn’t been receiving it, once a week :frowning: and i checked my spam filter, before I wright this topic.

Head to your notification settings on and check the level of notification. You have to have the “Default” setting including everything to be able to get the weekly digest.

Personally I think there should be the option for more control as I found I was getting too many notifications on the default setting when the uploads were slow to process. Though I suppose if the upload and processing emails were less frequent, I’d potentially move back to default.

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Hi @smsm1 I have both on Default mode, since the I registered.