Mapillary tools 0.8.0 command line

I switched to mapillary tools 0.8.0 due to weird sequences started to appear. So I though its because Im using old ver. Then with new command line I can’t process my pictures right. The parameter
–duplicate_distance is not working and not filtering photos taken with stopped vehicle (like on street lights)

So I need some tested syntax examples please.

Also version I was using before 0.7.0 had progress bar when processing but this new one is showing only some crappy unreadable text…i thought it should go into better not getting worse :slight_smile:

My command line:
mapillary_tools_win process “C:\mapillary1\105GOPRO” --interpolate_directions --duplicate_distance 2 --cutoff_time 30 --cutoff_distance 30

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Just tried to use CLT, and I am not seeing any progress bar or indicator it is doing anything at all.