Mapillary Ambassador Program

The applications were due 2 months ago.
Are any of you amongst the lucky ones, and why ?

Hi @filipc,

Thanks for following up. We will announce the ambassadors in a blog post soon as well as future expansion plans for the Ambassador Program. There are so many candidates, it’s just a matter of choosing which regions to focus on first.

Who Amb from Ukraine?

Hi @velmyshanovnyi, currently we don’t have an ambassador in Ukraine. Maybe we’ll get one during the next round of expanding the Ambassador Program. :smile:

There is no ambassador in Uzbekistan :slight_smile: but there is a willing one.

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@Georgiysys You will be very welcome to apply the next time we have an expansion round =)

Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to it.

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““The applications were due 2 months ago.
Are any of you amongst the lucky ones, and why ?””

2 mounts ago I couldn’t spell Mapillary.

I cannot lie as an ambassador.

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That is a lie!


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The manual upload method is very good.

Not sure you can “blame” any of our ambassadors in having claimed that :wink:

Is there any option, to have more than one Ambassador per country?

@filipegraciosa yes, there is - so far there hasn’t been so much overlap. The main criteria are Mapillary experience and commitment to activity; besides, countries are big and even if it came to a point where location becomes a factor, it’s still likely that the people are in different regions. And even then, with a really strong ambassador candidate, location will likely not be an issue even if there is someone else in that area already.


Can I apply, to also be a Portugal Ambassador?

Portugal would be nicely divided, by 5 Ambassadors:

or just 2 Ambassadors

Whats the community opinion? What do you think @katrin ?

Filipe Graciosa

@filipegraciosa so glad to see your enthusiasm! So, usually we expand the Ambassador Programme in rounds. We don’t have an open application period right now but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t hold events etc. to activate the community. We’ll be more than happy to help. Have you seen the materials here: Take a look and if you get any specific ideas, get in touch via :smile: And when we open an application round for the Ambassador Programme, we’ll, of course, announce it on our blog and other channels so you’ll know.