Inconsistent authentication issues

I am using this endpoint:{}/{}/{}?access_token={}

I keep getting this response:

Nu te-ai conectat

Te rug\xc4\x83m s\xc4\x83 te conectezi pentru a vedea aceast\xc4\x83 pagin\xc4\x83.


Basically this is an authentication error (the language is Romanian), although I am using a valid token; I know it’s valid because my requests worked until not long ago. This happened to me in the past and after a short while it resumed and worked just fine. But I need it to be consistent at all times. Is it me who is doing something wrong or is this because of the Mapillary API?

If I am not mistaken, others encountered this issue too.

Yes, this is seems like very common issue. After certain amount of requests the reply comes in with localized error message. For me, solution is like this: I added check into the script looking for tag in the beginning of reply. If it’s present, the script sleeps for 15 minutes and then continues. It makes things slow, but better than restarting manually.
The limit is related to IP, not acces token, since same key can be used on different IP, same IP gives error with different key.

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Thank you very much! I wasn’t sure if they would temporarily block my token or my IP address. But you made it clear. Thanks again! Also:

  1. did you come up with the 15-minute limit empirically or did you find it mentioned somewhere that this would be the cooldown on their side before being able to get proper responses again?
  2. more precisely, what is the name of the tag that I am looking for?

15-minute limit is purely trial and error. Sometimes after waiting the block is still active, but second or third wait period usually helps. With 5 or 10 minutes, retrying seemed to extend the block. I have not seen any official documentation regarding the cooldown period. That does not mean there is none though.
Pretty much any html tag present in error message. should work, I use <html> (html start tag, which was stripped from previous comment). Sometimes, instead of error message, Mapillary front page is given, so html tag covers more possibilities.